Shamanic Rituals

I offer the following shamanic rituals in which I journey on your behalf or on behalf of an animal, system, being or land with your (& their) consent to:

  • retrieve and return soul essences that have been lost or trapped along your/their life/karmic path (soul retrieval)
  • identify and remove harmful bound energy patterns (curses) from your/their energetic field that may be impeding the ability to move forward with life in the way that you/they would like (curse extraction)
  • support earthbound energies/spirits who are have gotten stuck or lost in their transition to the ancestral realm following the death of their physical bodies (psychopomp)
  • connect with the energetic ecosystem of a piece of land to listen for what is out of balance and what is needing to be witnessed, done and/or offered to open up a deeper relationship between those who currently own the responsibility for the agreement with the land and the connected web of energies and beings who inhabit that land (land clearing/alignment)

Often times, a particular ritual or clearing may end up involving more than one of the above.