My name is Eamon Willow Davies and I come to shamanic work primarily through my Celtic and Germanic roots, my paternal lineage having primarily immigrated from Wales and Scotland and my maternal lineage primarily from Prussia (present-day Germany/Austria) and Ireland.  I am a depth creature at heart and have been consciously and actively following a shamanic path since 2008 when I encountered my first teacher in these arts, Karen Hutchins, who hails from Sandra Ingerman’s shamanic lineage.

As many of the European shamanic paths are no longer in-tact traditions, having been systematically demonized and severed as a result of the colonization of Europe by the Church and other patriarchal forces, my journey in re-connecting with this lost wisdom, like for so many others, has been quite labyrinthine.  The warrior in me was first cultivated many years ago through nine years of active duty service in the Navy; the mystic in me through nearly five years of pre-ministerial coursework and staff service at Unity Church of the Hills here in Austin; and the healer in me through almost 15 years as a clinical social worker and dance/movement therapy alternate route student.

Each of these threads became part of the archetypal foundation on which I now stand as a shamanic practitioner deeply committed to helping others reconnect with their authentic voice, truth and path through engaged embodiment and reclamation of the gifts of sensitivity.  It is in unearthing and owning these gifts that we again become able to hear, see, feel and respond to the deep healing and re-balancing work that the Earth and all of her beings – past, present & future – are so fervently calling us to do at this crucial time in our history as a species.

Podcast interview on “Beyond the Illusion”

For more about my journey and the work with the ancestors that I am so passionate about, please check out my recent podcast interview on Tim Howe and Tianna Roser’s “Beyond the Illusion” podcast: